Revamped information portal keeps data harmonised


"It’s been wonderful to be involved in developing this versatile and practical system.”

Pekka Nurminen, Lead Software Engineer, ATR Soft Oy

The need

The Turku Museum Centre has already been using different versions of the information portal MIP for several years. In 2016, ATR Soft came onboard.

The aim was to make a new system to replace the old one, and to transfer the information from the old system onto the new one. The aim was also to transfer archaeological studies from several separate Access databases to the new system and to harmonise the data contained in Access. Previously, the data had been in a large number of separate Access databases and the Access forms did not guide the users to save the data.

Geospatial information plays an important role, so the new version of the information portal should also enable a map-based approach to data input and management.

The solution

ATR Soft’s original job was to develop only a user interface, but the project quickly expanded to encompass back-end development as well.

The MIP user interface was implemented in an AngularJS framework and the backend in a Laravel framework. The map functionality is provided by the OpenLayers library and the GeoServer location server. From MIP, it is possible to publish data via GeoServer in MWS format. Reports in MIP are prepared using the JasperReports report library.

In the application, researchers can control inventory projects and archaeological studies, and the application guides users in the inputting of data.


The technologies include PHP, JavaScript, Java, GeoServer, Postgres, PostGIS, integrations, interfaces, reporting.

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