Flexible solutions

We support our customers with flexible solutions throughout the software development life cycle. Cooperation often starts with a single project and expands and deepens into a continuous service as trust grows. 

Software development as a comprehensive solution

We can take full responsibility for software development projects, from software definition to ongoing development. Our experienced project managers ensure that the project’s budget, scope, and timeline are kept under control. Our diverse team of skilled developers guarantees a successful outcome.

We often provide software development as a continuous service, ensuring the availability of a familiar team to the customer. We also undertake individual projects, assembling a team to serve the customer’s needs best.

Experts to complement the team

We can also offer experienced experts to supplement the customer’s team. We have full-stack developers and experts, e.g., for integrations, machine learning, project management, architectural work, and BI solutions.

We offer experts to supplement our customers’ teams as a continuous service. Our experts can also take over tasks during the customer’s expert’s parental leave or temporary absence.

Maintenance and development

The finished application starts to accumulate technical debt very quickly. If this debt is not actively managed, an application critical to the organization may soon become vulnerable.

We offer a development and maintenance service that ensures the applications remain usable and secure and develop as the needs change.

CUSTOMTOOLS for design teams

CUSTOMTOOLS offers a suite of time-saving tools for SOLIDWORKS. It brings productivity and consistency to design teams.

The development of CUSTOMTOOLS began in the late 1990s, and since the very beginning, it’s been an official SOLIDWORKS partner product.

Our product team consists of about ten people, and it also can offer SOLIDWORKS and PDM customization and development services with solid knowledge.

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