More than 20 years of experience in software development

Our core competence is to develop for companies and public organisations software that supports and promotes business.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the development of business applications for large organisations. During this time, we've carried out more than 1,000 software development projects for our customers. In addition to development work done for the customers, we also develop our own software solutions.

Software development expertise is the foundation of all our services, and we use it to ensure successful software projects. Nowadays, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are also a normal part of software development projects.

With modern tools and technologies

About 80% of our staff are coders, including our owners, board members, and CEO. Programming expertise is therefore in the genes of our company.

We select the best programming tools and technologies from the customer's perspective for each project. Our most significant projects have involved millions of lines of software code. The smallest customer solutions have been a few lines of bespoke solutions.

However, the best programming experiences are achieved in long-term customer relationships. In addition to programming skills, it is crucial to understand customer needs and deliver solutions that the customer needs, even if they don't always know what to ask for. We offer our proof of concept on how to solve a problem with modern tools and technologies.

We serve at all stages of software development

Each year, we carry out 50–100 software development projects for our customers. Each project is unique and, in order to succeed, requires the right kind of management.

Project requirements and needs should be specified and the methods of implementation planned before the project implementation stage or procurement. We help our customers in this work, for example by describing processes and cases, by collecting requirements and by modelling the present and targeted state of things.

We also provide support in the assessment and technical specifications of work stages and volumes, as necessary.

  • Specification

  • Planning

  • Implementation

  • Testing and deployment

  • Assessment

  • Maintenance, support and further development

Integrations and API layers


In integration, data is transferred automatically from one system to another without anyone doing this work. The transfer may take place either based on time or initiated by some event. In automatic data transfer, time is saved, and errors are minimised if the data can be used simultaneously in several systems.

Integration is carried out in almost every software project. Integrations are carried out either directly from one system to another (point-to-point) or through a centralised integration platform (ESB, EAI). Both cases usually utilise either the SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) or MSA (Microservices Architecture) models.

In addition to direct integrations, we also produce interfaces (API) for existing and new systems. In some cases, these interfaces can also be used as direct business tools; our customers sell data and electronic services to their customers.

We also carry out integration development, maintenance, and support as a continuous service model for many customer companies.

reporting and BI

Companies need up-to-date business information in order to manage their operations and develop their markets. We offer services comprehensively in terms of planning, data modelling, integrations, data saving and storage, reporting, and analysis.

We support the customer from the early stages of specification all the way to integration and the creation of databases and reports. We have years of experience in different kinds of data storage and reporting environments.

We have comprehensive expertise and support for Microsoft SQL server databases and Microsoft BI products.

Cloud services


These days, many software solutions are created utilising cloud service platforms like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. Cloud platforms enable globally scalable software development without major initial investment in server equipment.

Through cloud services, the company can boost its current business and expand its range of services by offering highly developed cloud services to its customers. Cloud platforms also have the advantage of being easily scalable as the need for computing power increases.

We have developed large-scale integration solutions for cloud platforms, interfaces for the customer, visualisations of information from IoT devices in the cloud, a DevOps product development model, and solutions for global data processing.

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