The story of the ATR Softers


The story of the ATR Softers and the three wise men

Once upon a time, there were three wise men: Mr A, Mr T and Mr R. These wise men established ATR Soft in Turku, Finland, the most people-friendly software company in the whole of the country. Messrs A, T and R gathered together a group of enthusiastic, friendly and professional ATR Softers. Each ATR Softer was unique in terms of background and personality, but were all united by openness, enthusiasm for teamwork and pride in their own work community.

One fine day,
there were also loads of
highly competent colleagues and
satisfied customers

Our company is full of talented software developers. In addition to them, a small group of other software production professionals work for us. For example, our company has experts in sales and marketing, product development, project management, integration development, specifications, and design. You can also get into our easy-going team through data storage and reporting, testing, commissioning and training, or even support and maintenance.

Our operations are divided into three parts: projects, continuing services, and product business. Our customers represent industry, finance, and society.


The lion's share of our projects is done with local companies in Turku. The customers are close by, and work is approached in a personal way.


Some of us have, however, chosen a more rocky road and work in Tampere rather than Turku. But they don't have any other faults.

The world

There's also life outside Turku and Tampere. We have impressive corporate customers elsewhere in Finland, which are typically large international operators. Working with our products also creates opportunities around the world.

It wasn't long before it was
noticed that responsibility and freedom go hand-in-hand

As an ATR-softer, you can work close to the customer, manage yourself and develop as a professional in the direction you want. With us, you can even choose your own supervisor.

Honesty, authenticity, a supportive atmosphere, and a safe working community will get you to shine and reach the top of your game. We are just like our employees. We are not perfect, but we learn something new from all our employees and develop as an employer.

Each of us can have a say without being burdened by heavy bureaucracy. Matters are discussed and good ideas implemented. It's that simple!

Do you want to be part of the story?

Even today, work is being done with passion and heart in Kupittaa, Turku, with a workforce of 70 professionals, on a path signposted by three wise men. Do you want to be part of this story in the future?


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