Streamline work with system integration

Integrations are integral to almost every software development project we work on. We also develop and maintain integrations for our customers as a continuous service.

Software integration connects separate applications and systems to talk to each other. Integrations eliminate the need for manual data transfer and ensure data integrity.


A case

A customer established a new factory and installed IT systems and integration processes. We were responsible for installing and commissioning the integration system and were involved in developing and testing the integration processes. As part of the project, we updated the integration system version and tested the existing processes.

We often do integrations as a continuous service. In this case, we can take overall responsibility for our customers' integration work.

Technology and interaction

We have expertise in integration platforms, point-to-point integrations, and integrations as microservices. We can also help integrate modern cloud systems and more traditional on-premise systems.

Interaction skills and initiative are emphasized when working with integrations. The technical solution itself can be challenging to implement. Still, typically the most time-consuming part of the integration development is to find out from the customer’s various stakeholders what data will be transferred, in what form, and where.

A case

ATR Soft has developed integrations for the city of Turku. Integrations enable secure services for the municipality 24/7.

The user’s strong identification in the service collects the information of the identified person for the service, taking information security into account. Identification is used by the city of Turku in all services where the user’s identity must be verified.

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The optimal solution for cloud integrations

Cloud solutions have been taken into use more and more in large organizations as well. However, many organizations still need to seek an optimal solution for cloud application integrations.

We can help you choose a suitable cloud integration tool. We take into account, e.g., the customer’s technology strategy, number of integrations, scaling needs, and cost limitations.

PoC can be used to test tools

One good way to ensure the suitability of technology selection for cloud integrations is a PoC (proof-of-concept) project. For the project, you should choose a business case that is as realistic as possible and the systems that will be integrated with the selected tool.

PoC ensures that the tools match the needs and requirements. At the same time, finding answers to open questions is possible.

PoC ensures that the tools match the needs and requirements.
In the iPaaS model, the company does not have to worry about background servers or updating the integration platform.

Integration Platform as a Service

IPaaS stands for Integration Platform as a Service. Tt means that the platform for integrations between systems is offered as a service in the cloud, i.e., the so-called cloud service.

Currently, successful iPaaS services include e.g. Boomi AtomSphere, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, Microsoft Azure Logic Apps, and Oracle Integration Cloud Service.

Compared to traditional server-based integration platforms, the potential benefits are obvious: in the iPaaS model, the company does not have to worry about background servers or installing or updating the integration platform.

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Integration guide

What is system integration, how should it be implemented, and what can it achieve?

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