Long experience guarantees success

Our best programming achievements are born in long-term customer relationships, where in addition to programming skills, the ability to understand customer needs and produce solutions from which the customer receives real business benefits is decisive.

  • 7y
    ATR Softers have ATR working years on average
  • 12yr
    ATR Softers have years in the software industry on average
  • >10yr
    experience years that 60% of ATR Softers have at least in the software industry
  • 60
    amount of ATR Softers, the majority of whom live in the Turku region
  • 5m€
    turnover in 2022
  • 23yr
    founded by three coders 23 years ago

Open and fair cooperation

The cornerstones of our culture are people, learning, customer orientation, and trust. Cooperation should always be in the interest of both.

We invest in finding a cooperation model that best serves the needs of both our customers and our ATR Softers. Our goals are sustainable and long-term cooperation and mutual respect in customer and employee relations.

In customer satisfaction surveys over time, 96,9 % have said they can recommend us to their friends or colleagues. In the 2023 personnel survey, 94% of ATR Softers considered ATR Soft a really good place to work.

of our customers say they can recommend us to their colleagues
*customer satisfaction surveys 2009-2023

Motivated and skilled professionals

We can offer motivated employees for our customer projects because we give our employees as much freedom as possible to choose the customer jobs that feel most natural to them.

Our competence register has evidence of more than 25 different programming languages, and the number is constantly growing. In addition to developing in projects, every ATR Softer can use one working day every month for optional study.

A company that keeps its promises

It is important to us that we can be honest and open towards both our customers and ATR Softers.

We always bear our responsibility in software projects and develop information-secure, time-saving solutions. In the sales process, we only promise what we believe is possible. We also do not build vendor lock-ins for our customers.

We take care of the equality of our ATR Softers, e.g., by telling about the salary range in our recruitment announcements. We support the well-being of ATR Softers, e.g., with monthly learning days and the opportunity to choose their supervisor.

We also help IT students get a job in their field of study by hiring at least two or three summer employees every year.

of our ATR Softers consider ATR Soft a really good place to work
*employee survey 2023

A global network

Thanks to the product side, we have strong relations with the world. Our CUSTOMTOOLS product has customers and thirty resellers worldwide on almost every continent.

We have thrived in the world by being our natural selves. We are flexible, and we keep our word.

From a vision to a mission

Our jointly defined vision is people love us and our software all over the world. Our pride in our internationality shines through the vision, as does our way of shouldering our responsibilities and acting fairly.

Our mission is to develop software solutions that promote companies’ business. Our task is to produce and develop functional web and mobile devices, integrations between systems, machine learning solutions, and software products.

Our goal is to remain a scalable and competitive software development company in the future, meeting the growing software needs of our customers and also guaranteeing employees interesting, versatile and changing work opportunities.

Privately owned

ATR Soft started when its owners Esa Aaltonen, Mika Reinilä, and Raimo Tammero merged their companies in 2000.

The company is still privately owned. The board’s chairman is Mika Reinilä, who still regularly rolls up his sleeves in the role of a software developer.

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