The story began in Raisio in 2000

ATR Soft started when its owners Esa Aaltonen, Mika Reinilä, and Raimo Tammero merged their companies, founded in the mid-nineties.

“At the time, we were young, enthusiastic software developers. We were looking for customers who had a need that others hadn’t been able to solve,” says Mika Reinilä, one of the founders and the board’s chairman.


The first office

“20 years ago, when ATR Soft began, it was somewhat different from what it is now. It was small and consisted only of us three owners. We were all strictly working for the customers, meaning we were a small specialist company.

Our first office was in Tuotekatu in Raisio. We shared the premises with the SOLIDWORKS dealer, which was called CadOn. We had one room there.”

We were looking for customers who had a need that others hadn't been able to solve.
Hopefully in the future we will be bigger and can serve more customers.

Today and in 2031

“Today, ATR Soft is a very different employer than in the beginning. There are many more of us now. We have a lot of different experts and different types of people, and it’s great to work with them. Now we don’t have to be locked solely into software development anymore; we can do much more.

In 2031 we will probably be similar to what we are today. Hopefully, we’ll be bigger, and we’ll be able to serve more customers and grow our business. In the future, anything could be possible, even that we grow, for example, by merging with other companies, for instance, through acquisitions or partnerships.”

The best in more than 20 years of history

“The best thing in 20 years has been meeting and getting to know different people, employees, customers, and partners. Of course, the most challenging part is making the tough decisions when business is down or it’s a bad year.

If I met those young, enthusiastic developers that we were 20 years ago, all I would say is have a nice trip; it’s a nice trip. It’s worth going.

Our best thing is community — all our employees, customers, and partners. Working together is the basis of everything we do.”

The best thing has been meeting and getting to know different people. It's been a nice trip.