Enhance your business with unique software

Software development expertise is at the core of everything we do. We develop scalable software solutions that enhance processes and serve as a basis for new business.

We have over 1,000 software development projects behind us, of which we complete fifty each year as part of a continuous service or project basis.


Customer understanding behind success

We seek understanding before planning and implementing the software, e.g., by modeling processes, documenting requirements and expectations, describing user stories, and making mockup images of the planned user interface.

We also gather customer and user understanding in the later stages of software development, e.g., presenting the implemented solution to the users and business representatives of the client company regularly and seeking feedback as often as possible.

In this way, we can ensure that the software being developed is genuinely helpful for both the customer and the users.

95,3 %says he/she will buy again

*customer satisfaction surveys

Adopting new technologies is an everyday thing for us. If necessary, we also make the most of old technology.

A case

The customer needed to find a supplier of integrations for the IBM Integration Bus platform. We had no previous experience, but the customer wanted to test cooperation with us.

After we gave our solution proposal, the customer stated that in a short time and with technology that was new to us, we had done something that their current suppliers had not been able to do in years.

With modern tools and flexible way

We choose the programming tools and technologies best suit our customers for software development projects.

We share our recommendations and offer our view on how the problem can be solved with modern tools and technologies. Our recommendations are technology independent.

Most of the time, we utilize the project model used by our customers. If necessary, we can also use our project framework, in which we have collected the best practices we have identified.

We can handle everything from project management to maintenance, support, and further development.


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