Open and fair cooperation

The cornerstones of our culture are people, learning, customer-centredness and trust. In our opinion, cooperation should always be for mutual benefit.

We invest in ensuring that we find a cooperative model that best serves the needs of our customers. Our aims are sustainable and long-term customer relationships and mutual respect.

In our 2021 customer satisfaction survey, 97% of respondents said that they would recommend us to a friend or colleague.

We only shout about ourselves when we have something to shout about.

I want to express my appreciation for your professional approach, knowledge and expertise you've provided so far

Thank you for the no-nonsense demo, refreshing to see this wihout marketing sugar-coating.

I've been very happy with ATR Soft and have no problems recommending your services to others, the customer service have received from yourself and Kai has also been top notch.

Your solution seems to be the best on the market

Fascinating. Matti, well done. Great results.

Just keep up the already amazing work you do.

Motivated and skilled workers


We can offer motivated workers for our customer projects because we give our employees as much freedom as possible to choose the customer work that feels most natural for them.

Some people are inspired by services that remain constant, others by projects that frequently change.

With us, responsibility is particularly evident in respect for people, fair treatment, and creating a safe working environment.

Long international experience

We have thrived in the world by being our natural selves. We are flexible and we keep our word. We’ve coped with many difficult situations through our good humour. Humour also helps us to cope on tough business trips, for example.

Our first significant international software development project began in 2004 with GCS Scandinavia of Sweden.

Strong and diverse networks

Our operating model based on cooperation guarantees the production of up-to-date solutions that meet the customer need. Our expertise from many different fields enables close cooperation and top-quality services for our customers and end users.

Cooperation with suppliers in the fields of technology and the service sector has strengthened our expertise in both the technical sphere and in the production of services. We also cooperate with research institutes and universities. As a result, we are always one step ahead in sniffing out trends, visions and new opportunities.

Our dealers are making our software products well known all around the world. Cooperation promotes business throughout the network.


From a vision to a mission and a strategy

Our shared vision is
“People love us and our software all over the world.”

Our mission is to offer companies software solutions that promote their business. We have been tasked with producing and developing a range of effective web and mobile systems, inter-system integrations, and software products.

Our staff is made up of highly skilled professionals in software solutions.

In the coming years, the aim is to grow into work 100-strong company without losing our fundamental value of being agile and flexible professionals in the field. Our objective is to remain scalable and competitive in responding to our customers' increasing software needs and guarantee for our employees interesting, diverse and varying projects.

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