integrations enable safe services for municipal citizens 24/7.

City of Turku

“We have done several projects, and they have been very interesting for both the developers and the customer.

The solutions are secure and efficient in transferring information between authorities and public administration. The services also enable the integration of company systems with official services.”

Patrick Storberg, Project Manager, the public sector, ATR Soft Oy

The need

The city of Turku needed to speed up the processing of citizens’ cases and increase the accessibility of services. Turku also needed a solution with which a person could do business electronically on behalf of the community or company they represent and with which official decisions could be shared using digital channels.

The company

Turku is the largest city in Southwest Finland, the regional center of Finland Proper, and the sixth-largest municipality in Finland in terms of population.

The city develops and offers comprehensive digital services to the citizens, taking care of its statutory tasks and obligations.

The solution

ATR Soft has developed several different interfaces and services for the city of Turku using

  • The user’s strong electronic identification in the Suomi-fi service collects the information of the identified person for the service, taking information security into account. The city of Turku uses identification in all services where the user’s identity must be verified.
  •’s e-Authorisations service enables a person to act on behalf of a company, community, or another person. An authorized person can, for example, apply for a grant on behalf of the community in the online service of the city of Turku.
  • Through messages, Turku sends decisions related to zoning, building rights, and education to municipal citizens, for example. The municipal citizen can respond to messages, follow the progress of her case and send more information to the authorities through the service.
  • In the payment service, the citizen can pay for various services electronically. Through the payment service, the citizen can pay, e.g. payments for sports facilities and courses of community colleges so that everything related to invoicing is handled automatically in the source and destination systems.


The services are municipal services offered by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV), which public organizations can connect to via interfaces. also offers a way for companies to handle matters with authorities.

XROAD is a secure integration method. With the help of X-Road, data can be transferred securely and standardized between the data resources and services of different operators.

KAPA, the National Service Bus, is a way to securely connect the sidecars and integrations of different parties to the services offered by DVV.

Java has been used to implement a large part of the integrations and microservices that transfer and process information between interfaces. The city of Turku has its service bus where the before-mentioned services can be used effectively.