Partnership expands expertise and resources

Murata Electronics
Murata Electronics

ATR Soft develops and maintains Murata Electronics’ IT systems in cooperation with the company’s own personnel.

”A large number of workable solutions have been put in place.”
Olli Luoma, Senior Manager, Business Engineering, Murata


The need

In 2013, Murata Electronics’ integration platform required extra hands for maintenance and development. ATR Soft was chosen to provide the service, and the cooperation has been continuing and expanding ever since.

The company

Murata Electronics is the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic components and solutions. In Finland, Murata designs, develops and manufactures MEMS sensors, which are used in the automotive industry, healthcare technology and industrial applications.

The solution

ATR Soft is responsible for Murata Electronics’ integration platform, and is also involved in development and maintenance projects in the following areas: cross-system integrations, reporting and BI, software robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and business application development and maintenance.


Java, Python, HTML5, SQL, Pandas, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow