Digitalisation expands services for citizens

Turku Vähätori - picture taken by Jemina Sormunen
City of Turku

“It’s been wonderful to be able to follow from close quarters the development of the city’s services and the significance of integrations in the utilisation and availability and information.. Over the years, ATR Soft has had many development projects with the City of Turku, each one of which has been interesting and different.”

Patrick Storberg, Project Manager, ATR Soft Oy

The need

The City of Turku’s services are rapidly changing to be digital. Through digitalisation, the use of the services is becoming faster and the services are also available outside of normal office hours. When the services become electronic, there is less need for manual work and the quantity and quality of the usable information facilitates the development of new services.

The City of Turku needed ways to store different information for the use of different systems, as well as interfaces for their integration. Information should be stored in databases and there was a need for microservices that deliver the necessary information to the systems and services that need it.

The solution

For services and source systems, you need a way to manage master data (e.g., people and companies), status information from different systems, timestamps, and information about the operators to whom the service is directed, and information about who produced the service.

Effective systems integration is also needed to ensure that the information needed for services and any changes can be quickly stored for use by other systems.

A service bus is a set of servers running various microservices and integrations. Microservices are programs performing individual functions that can be changed if necessary. It is possible, for example, to pick data from files, add new information enriching the received data, and store and change statuses for the use of other systems.

For years, ATR Soft has been supporting the City of Turku in the development of different integrations and services and in the control of master data.


Microsoft MDS (Master Data Services), microservices, Java, integrations, interfaces





Microsoft MDS (Master Data Services)