Access pass application system streamlines work

Meyer Turku

“Building a new system all the way to production is always an interesting project.“

Ville Heino, Senior Software Engineer, ATR Soft Oy

The need

Meyer Turku wanted to streamline the access pass application process for its network employees. Previously, applications had been made on a form that was a multistage, manual and laborious process. The permit office staff had to enter the information on the form manually into the network register management system.

Instead, a new system was wanted through which the applicant themselves could enter the necessary information and get up-to-date information about the application stages.

The new system had to be always available and to be able to update information into the network register management system. Data security and GDP are regulations had to be closely followed.

The solution

System planning and specification were done collaboratively between Meyer Turku’s IT department and ATR.

The use of the Person Data Card (PDC) system requires personal credentials enabling secure use over the Internet.

The aim was to make the application process smooth and simple for the applicant. Applications are always bound by a previously created agreement that limits the applications, companies and people that each applicant can see. With a single application, access passes can be applied for for several employees.

The applicant submits the application to site supervisor for approval. Once the supervisor has approved the application, it is then forwarded to the permit office for processing. The permit office staff review the necessary information and can save it in the network register management system directly via PDC. At each stage of the application, email notifications are sent to the relevant parties.

Applicants can also message about application-related matters directly through the system, which reduces the number of separate contacts. Through the system, the applicant receives information about when the access pass can be collected, thus avoiding needless visits to the office.


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