One year as an ATR Softer

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I’ve worked in the IT sector for several years, What a year it has been! To give you some context, I’ll start with a brief history of how I got here.

I’ve worked in the IT sector for several years, mostly doing user support. While I do enjoy customer service, it is not what I’m most passionate about. Let’s just say, fixing up network printers and installing workstations was getting a bit old.

I’ve always liked making things and developing something new and exciting. I had a growing desire to become a software developer. Something I thought would better match my passions. So, I began studying toward an IT engineering degree, which I’m still working on.

In my second year, a teacher sent us an email that ATR Soft was looking for summer trainees. I got a good feeling after looking into the company. This was a place I wanted to work at.

An outcome worth pursuing

My job application would need to be top-notch. I was hungry; I wanted this thing! I would have to spice up my application in some way. I decided to make a short video. To put it mildly, I dislike being in front of the camera. This was worth the discomfort.

I must have read my script a hundred times. Making the video was awkward, but the result was fine. Making the video was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Truth to be told, I didn’t have much to show for my developer skills. I didn’t have anything really cool in Git. I was uncertain about what level I was at. I had good grades in programming courses, but that was pretty much it. The video gave me the edge I needed.

With uncertain steps forward

I got an interview, but there were a few twists and turns. In the first interview, I could not make a convincing case for myself as a developer at ATR Soft. However, there was a need for internal IT. Since I had experience, I got another interview for a position as an IT specialist. I was open to the idea. Getting my foot into a software development company would be great.

It was an interesting time. Rapidly shifting between excitement and nervousness. I will never forget the day of the second interview. Especially the journey back home. Not knowing how long the decision, to employ me or not, would be contemplated. I didn’t have to wait long; I got the call on the bus. I got the position!

One year later

A little more than a year has passed, and I feel pretty much at home in ATR Soft. The question may be asked, how is it to work at ATR Soft? How is it to be an ATR Softer?

There are two things I love the most: the people and the level of autonomy. I respect my fellow ATR Softers for being hard-working professionals. It has been fun getting to know people. I think we are pretty rich in the variety of personalities in our group.

I was made feel welcome from day one. I still fondly remember Ville sending me a welcome card. That gesture meant a lot to me. I’ve experienced several of these small gestures of kindness. Every time it makes my day. It speaks a lot to the type of people and work culture we have.

Treated as professionals

Autonomy is another big one. It gives me the sense that I am trusted to do my work well as a professional. I appreciate this trust, and it is a great motivator. I get to do things I love, like writing PowerShell scripts to automate tedious processes. This also means that I get to develop skills I would like to develop.

At ATR Soft, I’ve found myself more often considering my long-term goals concerning my skillset. I’m thinking more about what technologies would be useful to learn. I credit this to the sense of freedom and the responsibility that comes with it. I want the trust afforded to me to bear fruit for the company.

Unexpected outcomes

I am honestly thrilled that I ended up in the ATR Soft IT department. Sure, my job involves some of those traditional IT-support tasks. I also get to do a lot of development. The proportion varies, but it’s about a 40/60 ratio between maintenance and development. This works for me. I don’t mind doing maintenance if it’s not all I do.

I have greatly enjoyed my time in our IT. I’m now also working on a software project, which is exciting. There is a lot to do, and it’s not always easy to allocate enough time to the various tasks. It’s an opportunity to become better at prioritizing tasks.

Awesome ATR Softers

I wrote this text partly to celebrate my first year in the company. More than that, I wrote this as a tribute to my awesome co-workers. Many things play into job satisfaction but non so much as your co-workers. This has become more apparent to me while working at ATR Soft.

With a great team, the seemingly impossible becomes possible. Times of higher stress become more manageable. Working at ATR Soft has already granted me several more years if laughter lengthens one’s lifespan.

It has been an exciting journey. I’m now on the second chapter, thrilled to see how the story unfolds.

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