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Industrial companies need modern digital systems in order to maintain efficiency and to stay ahead of the competition. These include e.g. planning and MES systems, CAD and PDM software, product configurators, ERP systems, sales systems and IoT solutions. To support informed decision making, companies need also data storages, analytics tools, reporting solutions and business intelligense software.

ATR Soft has a solid experience of software solutions and system integrations in shipbuilding and electronics industries. We have also provided our digital services for the paper industry, construction companies and engineering houses.



As the amount of information increases, the efficient control of key data will be vital for the society to function. That means ways to find relevant information, to store it and to share it. Software integration is often in a key role, when municipalities and organisations digitalise their manual processes.

New requirements for employment pension system and occupational pension insurance occur through technological development and digitalisation. On the other hand, they enable new types of advanced services to customers.

ATR Soft’s clients include municipalities, companies taking care of municipal economy systems and public organisations providing health care solutions. We have also experience in employment pension systems.

Financial services

Financial services

Development of the data analytics tools provides companies real-time information about their business. Even large amounts of data can through business intelligense software be visualised to help decision making. At the same time, economy related manual tasks get scarce as the processes are being automated with the help of e.g. robotic process automation and system integration.

ATR Soft has made finance management systems as well as integrated different financial systems for large and small companies. We have also further developed enterprise resource planning systems and added them new features according customers’ needs.

Software development and software products

Software development and software products

Our core competence is the development of software for various companies and communities to boost their businesses. Also other software development companies utilise our expertise.

We are software technology independent – we choose the best available technology for each customer or project. We carry out software development projects in an hour-based or a fixed price way.

In addition to software development services we provide, we have our own software products as well.

IoT and industrial internet

IoT and industrial internet

IoT (internet of things) or industrial internet means devices that produce data, which via internet can be used to enhace company’s efficiency or to provide new services. Internet connection makes it possible to collect data from various locations and to utilise cloud-based services to analyse the data.

ATR Soft is a reliable partner in designing, deploying and maintaining IoT solutions. We are on top of data processing, data analysing, system integrations and cloud solutions.

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Cloud services

Cloud services

Nowadays several types of software utilise a cloud service platform (e.g. Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS). Cloud services centrally enable visualisation of data, sharing the location, predictive information and IoT services. Utilising cloud services a company can enhance it’s business by boosting the processes and introducing new business models.

We have produced cloud services for our customers, including large-scale integration solutions as well as IoT source data visualizations.



In integration data is automatically transferred from system to system. The transfer can take place according to a set time or event. Automatic data transfer saves time and minimises potential errors, because the data is utilised in several systems at the same time.

Almost every ATR Soft’s project includes some level of integration. Integrations are performed either directly from one system to another (point-to-point) or through a central integration platform (ESB, EAI). We provide also overall management of organisation’s integrations: development, maintenance and support.

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Mobile devices and web

Mobile devices and web

We provide companies software designed for web and mobile use. Once the software is designed as an independent terminal, it works smoothly, regardless of whether it is used with a computer or a mobile device. In that way, the user interface adapts to the display of the device used.

If the company already has existing software, an interface designed specifically for mobile use may be connected. Thus the software need not to be changed and we can add some functions, that make it possible to browse the content in mobile devices as well.

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Software testing

Software testing

Testing is quality control, which ensures the system does what it is supposed to do. It also makes sure the software doesn’t do anything unexpected. At least a part of software testing should be automated.

A software test engineer sees to, that the software will be implemented as agreed with the customer. Our experienced test engineers ensure the high quality of the software we do, but we can offer their expertise to our clients as well.

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Getting started

Jump start

Is it hard to get an IT-project started? No one writing down requirements & user stories? Let us help you.

Price 15 000 €, includes 20 analysis work days

Integration cloud

Cloud and open source based integrations between IT-systems. High available environment, existing support for many IT-systems and all inclusive pricing.

Price starting from 3000 €/month

IoT workshop

Would you and your colleagues like to know what IoT means in concrete? Let’s have one day workshop including IoT theory and IoT demonstration with real devices.

Price starting from 3000 €

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CUSTOMTOOLS provides the tools for SOLIDWORKS, helping companies to increase their productivity by ensuring the consistency and flexibility during the planning process.


XBOM is a BOM extension for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. It is a fully functional BOM management tool and provides a viable alternative to costly and complex PLM implementations where BOM management is the primary goal.

Article about xBOM

ATRWorks provides a user-friendly solution for tracking and time management. The solution provides companies with the ability to report and monitor, for example, working hours, projects and project resources, as well as allocations, tasks, travelling costs and other expenses.

SpareParts Publisher offers a solution for the spare parts business. Visualisation of spare parts is easy and quick, thanks to the design patterns. SpareParts is built on a cloud-based marketplace which provides a platform for the sales and product allocations of spare parts.

SpareParts Publisher website