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Our core expertise is business-supporting and -promoting software developed for large and medium-sized companies in different sectors and for public sector organisations.  Other software companies also utilise our competence in software development.

Software development

We are independent of any particular software technology – we always select the most suitable technology for each customer and project, and carry out projects either on an hourly basis or for a fixed price.

During the past 20 years or so, we have carried out more than 750 software development projects for our customers. In addition to development work done for customers, we also develop our own software products.

Software development expertise is the foundation of all our services, and it allows us to guarantee successful software projects.

Software and project management

Specification, design and testing
Reporting and BI
Cloud services

Software project management

Every year, we carry out 50-100 software development projects for our customers. Each project is unique and requires the right kind of management to succeed.

In principle, we always execute projects using a project model specified by the customer. We like to utilise ATR’s own project framework in which we have accumulated the best practices from different project models.

In addition to the management of our own projects, we also provide project management as a service to our customers. This is typically done for large and demanding projects, the management of which needs long experience and an active approach to ensuring project success.

Specification, design and testing

It is worthwhile specifying the requirements and needs of projects and planning how to implement them before the project implementation stage or the procurement. We help our customers in this work, for example by describing processes and cases, collecting requirements and modelling the present and targeted situations.

When necessary, we also provide support in the evaluation and technical specifications of work stages and quantities. It is also essential to utilise all this information in the project testing stage. It is important for us that the same quality experts carry out all the stages so that, in addition to documented information, the best possible use can also be made of the silent knowledge that is accumulated.


The majority of our staff, approximately 80%, are coders, including the owners of ATR Soft, its board members and CEO. Our programming skills are therefore very high.

The best programming tools and technologies from the customer’s perspective are selected for each project. Our largest projects have included millions of rows of programming code and the smallest customer solutions have been precise solutions of just a few rows.

The best programming experiences, however, are achieved in long-term customer relationships in which, in addition to programming skills, a decisive factor is the ability to understand customer needs and produce the solutions that the customers need, even when they are unable to ask for it themselves.


In integration, data is transferred automatically from system to system without any human input. The transfer may take place either based on time or initiated by some event. Automatic data transfer saves time and minimises errors,  since it is possible to utilise the data in many systems simultaneously.

Integrations are done in almost every ATR Soft software project. They are performed either directly from one system to another (point-to-point), or through a centralised integration platform (ESB, EAI). In both cases, either SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) or MSA (Microservices Architecture) models are normally used.

For many customer companies, we also provide overall integration management as a service: the development, maintenance and support of integrations.

Reporting and BI

Companies need up-to-date business information in order to manage their business and develop the market. We offer a comprehensive range of services in design, data modelling, integration, data saving and storage, reporting and analysis.

We support the customer all the way from preliminary specification to the performance of integrations, databases and reports. We have years of experience of different data storage and reporting environments.

We are a partner of Microsoft, for example, so we have comprehensive expertise in and support for Microsoft SQL Server databases and Microsoft BI products.

Cloud services

These days, many software solutions are created using cloud service platforms such as Microsoft’s Azure or Amazon’s AWS. Cloud platforms enable the development of globally scalable software without the need for major initial investment in server equipment.

Through cloud services, a company can boost its current business and expand its range of services by offering its own customers developed cloud services. A benefit of cloud platforms is also their ease of scalability as the need for calculating power increases.

For the cloud platforms of companies, we have developed, among other things, extensive integration solutions, interfaces for the use of customer companies, visualisations of information produced by IoT devices as a cloud service, a DevOps product development model and solutions for global data processing.

ATR Soft is a software development company that produces software to support the business of companies. Our head office is in Turku, Finland and we also operate in Tampere, Finland. There are resellers for our products in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

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