Software Developer Trainee

Why work for ATR?

Software Developer Trainee - a summer job, Turku

Are you ready to take on real software development projects and grow as a full-stack developer? We are looking for 2-3 motivated Software Developer Trainees to join us for the summer of 2023.

Our office is located in Turku Kupittaa. We have flexible working hours and it is also possible to work remotely.

What do we offer for you?

We offer you the opportunity to grow as a software developer. We don’t expect you to be a ready-made professional yet, but we will give you responsible tasks from the start and, thus, the opportunity to grow with the support of more experienced colleagues.

As a summer trainee, you are not just a trainee but just as much an ATR Softer as the rest of us. We trust you and let you take care of your responsibilities independently within the framework of flexible working hours and remotely if you wish. In our low-hierarchical organization, you can easily make your voice heard and participate in developing our operations according to your interests.

It is a matter of honor for us to be a flexible and reliable employer. We offer regular luncheons and sport/culture vouchers, weekly floorball games, and a broader occupational healthcare package. You also have the possibility of parking in Kupittaa in Turku.

The salary of a summer trainee is 2 100 euros/month. If you decide to continue the journey with us, future salary negotiations will be influenced by previous experience, skills, and the desire and opportunity to take responsibility. We also reward our ATR Softers with a bonus for good results and a long ATR career.

We always strive for our journey together to continue even after the summer. Almost all of our summer employees continue with us part-time alongside their studies. Many have also written their theses on a jointly agreed topic and joined our team full-time after graduation. It is important for us to support you so that you finish your studies and also, while doing so, give you the possibility to train your practical software development skills.

Based on our recent employee survey, the most valued elements at ATR Soft are competent and friendly colleagues, the way people are trusted, and an easy-going working environment. We do not say we are perfect, but we are keen to develop for our employees’ best!

What do we expect from you?

We expect from you an interest in learning new things, the ability to solve problems independently and a positive can-do attitude. Basic knowledge of software development and experience in programming in some programming language, e.g. in a school or leisure project, are also necessary.

We value e.g. experience with C# or Java, databases and modern web technologies (such as React or Angular).

We hope that you are able to work independently, like working close to the customer and dare to ask for help if necessary.

Our working languages ​​are Finnish and English.

Experiences from last summer

In the summer of 2022, we had two new ATR Softers. Their first project was a technology upgrade, replacing the entire app’s UI code with modern React.


“The project was interesting because I had no previous experience in updating a user interface technology. The project gave me a new and different perspective on software development compared to school projects.

The summer’s best part was learning new things and getting used to working life. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I learned how things should be done and how quickly I could dive into the project.

On a general level, my teamwork skills, my coding skills, and even my project management skills have improved.”

Works now at us two days per week alongside his studies.


“The best thing has been the comfortable and relaxed work environment, remote work option, flexible working hours, and trust between employer and employees.

I have been able to challenge myself several times during the development of the project and have grown as a software developer and teammate.”

Works now full-time as an ATR Softer.

Got interested?

The application period for our summer jobs ended on January 31, 2023. We hired three summer employees for May-August.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an application!

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