Focus on what inspires you most and we’ll take care of all the rest


We at ATR Soft want you to be able to work on those things that most interest you. Your skills development is important to us. If you wish, you can immerse yourself more deeply into one thing or try out several different roles simultaneously. Over time, your objects of interest might change and then we will do our utmost to organise new opportunities for you.

The strengths of humanity, freedom and opportunities to make a difference

As an employer, we aim to take care of your overall well-being. Through an open and conversational atmosphere, shared fun and modern work facilities and tools, we want you to feel comfortable.

You don’t have to be able to do everything perfectly, but what is essential is a desire to take care of an entire software development project from start to finish. Our coders are full-stack developers, each one of whom has his/her strengths. The desire and ability constantly to embrace the new are important qualities amongst ATR Softers, as we always use the technologies best suited to the given situation.

From year-to-year, ATR Softers highlight trust in colleagues as one of the key factors in the enjoyment of working here. With us, you will get the freedom to do your work in the way you consider to be best. Freedom, however, also brings responsibility. You will always have colleagues who are willing to help when necessary.

With us, each employee has a genuine opportunity to influence business development. It’s always better if you yourself can identify an opportunity for shared development and actively set out to promote it. We share information transparently and we want to hear every opinion and take things forward together according to each object of interest.

Find out more about us by reading the tale of ATR Softers and the three wise men.

Open positions

Summer Trainee – Software Developer

“As an intern, are you able to work in real-life software development assignments? If you answered yes, ATR Soft will redeem this offer! We will be recruiting two new trainees for the summer to work from May to August.”

Software Developer

“Are you are a talented full-stack developer for whom working at the customer interface is natural? With us, you will have the opportunity to manage your own work and grow in the direction that you want.”

Open application

“What kind of ATR Softer would you be? Tell us what inspires you and what you would be interested in doing with us.”

Submit an open application to:

We value our employees

Performance bonus

Every year, we share some of our profits with ATR Softers. The size of the bonus typically depends on the amount of profit and level of customer satisfaction.

Bonus for long service

We honour our long-serving members of staff by rewarding them with a bonus for every 5, 10, 15 years of service, and so on.

Expanded occupational health care

You will have at your disposal the health services of Terveystalo, including appointments with specialists and expanded laboratory services.

Parking benefit

Parking spaces in Kupittaa are tight, but so far we have succeeded in providing all those who want it with free-of-charge parking in the surrounding area.

Luncheon vouchers

If you wish, you can take advantage of the ePassi luncheon voucher through which we will pay for part of the price of your lunch.

Sports and culture benefit

We encourage ATR Softers to take care of their physical and mental well-being. This tax-free employee benefit is available to those who want it up to a value of a couple of hundred euros per year.

Company telephone

If you wish, you can get a company telephone – the device and the subscription – for use during work and leisure time.

Internet connection at home

We encourage telecommuting so will pay  you an Internet benefit as a salary supplement.

Interests and development

We encourage the constant learning of new things. You will have at your disposal one working day per month to develop your professional skills. The choice is yours and you can strengthen just those skills that you yourself consider the most important and interesting.

Flexible ways of working

Our working hours are flexible and you can do telecommuting where possible according to your wishes. We typically work in rooms of several people in which each person has their own workstation. We don’t like to be too strict and we avoid stupid rules. Everyone has the freedom and responsibility to act sensibly in all situations observing common sense. Of course we do also have some common practices that we all try to observe.


Once a week, we improve our fitness together and play floorball in a group at Kupittaa Sports Hall. ATR Soft pays for the rental of the court.

Leisure-time activities

We organise different leisure-time activities according to what interests and inspires people. The standard programme includes summer parties,  Christmas parties and other evening functions. Sometimes we go and try out new sports, compete amongst ourselves or with customers, enjoy playing games together or taking in some culture. The sky’s the limit for our shared activities!

Are you interested?

It doesn’t matter if your CV has not been refined and your application has not been polished to its finest finish.

Call or send a message, and then we can check together whether we can find your inner ATR Softer!

Ville Oksanen
People & Culture
+358 44 275 8444

ATR Softer Ville Oksanen

ATR Softer Ville Oksanen

People & Culture Specialist Ville Oksanen, 41Miten hyppäys Senior Software Engineer roolista People & Culture Specialistiksi tapahtui?Tässä on ehtinyt reilun 12 vuoden IT-uran aikana osallistua lukuisiin ATK-hankkeisiin monilla eri rooleilla. On kirjoitettu...

Kesätyönä etätyö – näin sujui etäkesä ATR Softilla

Kesätyönä etätyö – näin sujui etäkesä ATR Softilla

Päätin heti vuoden alussa, että nyt on aika hakea tosissaan koulutustani vastaavaa työpaikkaa. Opiskelin tuolloin neljättä vuotta tietotekniikkaa Turun yliopistossa. Laitoin CV:n kuntoon, tein LinkedIn-profiilin ja aloin käydä läpi Turusta löytyviä mahdollisuuksia....

ATR Soft is a software development company that produces software to support the business of companies. Our head office is in Turku, Finland and we also operate in Tampere, Finland. There are resellers for our products in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

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