The tale of ATR Softers and three wise men

Once upon a time, there were three wise men: Mr A, Mr T and Mr R. These wise men founded ATR Soft in Turku, Finland, the most human-centric software company in the land. Mssrs A, T and R surrounded themselves with a team of enthusiastic, friendly and professionally-skilled ATR Softers. Each ATR Softer had a distinctive background and personality, but they were all united by openness, the joy of working together and pride in their own working community.

One fine day, there was also a large
crowd of able colleagues and
satisfied customers

ATR Soft is bulging with talented software developers. In addition to them, we also employ a smaller group of other software production professionals. For example, the company has experts in sales and marketing, product development, project management, integration development and specification and design. You can also find your way into our relaxed crowd through data storage and reporting, testing, commissioning, training or even support and maintenance.

Our operations are divided into three parts: projects, continuing services and product business. Our customers represent industry, the financial sector and society.


The majority of ATR Soft’s projects are done with local companies here in Turku. The customers are close by and work is approached in a personal way.


Some of us have, however, chosen a rockier road and are working in Tampere rather than Turku. There’s nothing else wrong with them, however!

Some of us have chosen a rockier road and are working in Tampere rather than Turku. There’s nothing else wrong with them, however!



There is also life outside Turku and Tampere. Our customers also come from influential companies elsewhere in Finland, which are typically large, international operators. Work with our own products is also creating opportunities around the world.

Not long after, we noticed that
responsibility and freedom go

At ATR Soft, you get to work close to the customer, to manage what you do yourself and to develop as a professional in the direction that you want. With us, you can even choose your own supervisor.

Honesty, genuineness, a supportive atmosphere and a safe working community will help you to shine and raise your own expertise to the very top level. ATR Soft is at one with its employees. We are not perfect, but we learn something new from all our employees and we develop as an employer.

With us, everyone can have their say without the heavy burden of bureaucracy. Issues are discussed and good ideas put into practice. It’s as simple as that!

Do you have the right stuff to be an
ATR Softer?

To this day, work is still being done with passion and heart at Kupittaa in Turku by 70 professionals. Within the team of ATR Softers, the three wise men are moving on to new adventures. The journey of ATR Soft goes on and new active achievers are needed to continue the story.

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ATR Soft is a software development company that produces software to support the business of companies. Our head office is in Turku, Finland and we also operate in Tampere, Finland. There are resellers for our products in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

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