Technologies selected by the customer are the basis for success


Case example

The customer needed to find a supplier for integrations into the IBM Integration Bus platform. We had no previous experience with the platform in question. However, we had vast knowledge of other integration platforms. The customer wanted to try out working with us by giving us the right need to solve.

A few months later, after we had shown them how we would solve it, they said that in a short time, with technology that was new to us, we had done something that their existing suppliers hadn't even been able to do in several years.

Why do we like to use the customer's technologies?

We help our customers choose the technologies that are best for them. Sometimes the technologies already in use are also the best for new needs.

What if a technology used by the customer is old or some other technology would work better?

We will give our opinion of what would be the best technology for the customer. We will engage in dialogue with the customer, but because the customer knows best about the background behind their choice of technology, we will utilise the selected technology to the best of our ability.

Customers might not want to change technology for one reason or another, and old technology might still provide enough benefits.

Does the customer have to pay more if, for example, we have to learn the programming language selected by the customer?

Learning new technologies is an everyday thing in the software sector. We primarily use internal projects to learn new programming languages or other technologies.

What should ATR Soft and the customer take into account when the customer's technologies are being mastered?

  • choices concerning customer's possible IT strategy, for example, about technologies, in-house vs. cloud, and open-source code
  • technological requirements highlighted in the customer's project concerning such factors as data security, availability, and scalability
  • possible technical expertise that customer have and want to utilise in the project or later in maintenance
  • licenses already acquired by the customer
  • new licenses required for technologies or other costs
  • customer's technologies and experiences with those
  • our recommendations based on our experience and tools found to be good in other customer projects

Case example

We got to work with a customer on a software development project that seemed like a typical project for us in terms of technology and content.

After the project, we cautiously inquired how the customer would feel about working with us in the future, as we had no previous experience in their industry. The customer stated that we had been able to resolve and implement one of their most challenging needs, so why wouldn't we also be able to manage easier projects.

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