Our experience guarantees a successful customer relationship


ATR Soft has more than 20 years' experience of software development for companies. Our principle is to seek precisely the best solution for each customer.

We aim to remain scalable and competitive by meeting the growing software needs of our customers. At the same time, we guarantee for our employees interesting, diverse and varying projects.

Just one year after its establishment, ATR Soft was already a significant software supplier for Nokia. Later, Nokia chose our company as its primary supplier of PDM services.

Our rigidly flexible way of working and our ability to listen to the customer are our guarantee for a smooth cooperation.

approx. 7 years

The average length of time that ATR Softers
have spent working at ATR so far


approx. 12 years

The average length of experience that ATR Softers
have in the software business

More than 10 years

experience in the software business - approximately
60% of ATR Softers

A break for a chat with
ATR Soft's Co-Founder
Mika Reinilä

"Our idea was to start building a business that was focused on meeting the needs of our customers. So we went after customers who had needs that others hadn't been able to solve, and we started to solve them."

Mika Reinilä
Co-Founder of ATR Soft

ATR Soft's story began in 2000 with three enthusiastic software developers. The start of the journey of course involved many blunders and challenges, not to mention the floppy disks and tubed computer displays, but now they all sound so far away. . Let Mika enlighten us about what happened:

20 years ago, when ATR Soft began, it was somewhat different from what it is now. It was small and actually consisted only of us three owners. We were all strictly working for the customers, meaning that we were kind of a small specialist company.
Our first office was in Tuotekatu in Raisio. We shared the premises with the SOLIDWORKS dealer, which was called CadOn. We had one room there.

Experience of
developing our
own products

The development of ATR Soft's own CUSTOMTOOLS product began in the late 1990s and, since the very beginning, it's been an official SOLIDWORKS partner product. In 2003, we achieved SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner status. At the same, we single-mindedly expanded our CUSTOMTOOLS network of dealers. The first SOLIDWORKS dealer for CUSTOMTOOLS outside Finland was the Danish Edge Team, which is still one of our dealers.