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We have set together our vision to be “PEOPLE LOVE US AND OUR SOFTWARE ALL OVER THE WORLD”.

ATR Soft already has over 20 years’ experience of software development for companies. In future, our services will continue to be built around this foundation of expertise. We will continue to operate on the principle that the best solution will be sought for each customer. This requires a lot from us, but it also guarantees for the customer a versatile and genuine approach to the monitoring, mastery and and utilisation of the development of technologies and tools.

In the coming years, our aim is to grow into a company of more than 100 employees without losing our key value: to be agile and flexible professionals for the sector. We aspire to remaining scalable and competitive to be able to respond to the increasing software needs of our customers, and to guarantee for our employees interesting, diverse and varied workplaces.

In the near future, approximately one half of ATR Soft’s turnover will come from international business, e.g. software products sold globally by our network of resellers.  Cloud services will also constitute a growing share, and our software products will be developed in that direction to a suitable extent. Our software products will increasingly become globally scalable to meet the needs of both small and large companies.

Our software service will particularly focus on large- and medium-sized accounts, which are mainly located in Finland although several also operate globally.

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ATR Soft is a software company that was founded in 2000. Our head office is in Turku Finland.

Just one year after its establishment, ATR Soft was already an important supplier of software to Nokia. Later the company rose to an even stronger position when Nokia selected it as its primary provider of PDM services.

Nowadays, the operations of ATR Soft cover the needs of industry, finance and the social sector. The company produces and develops many different web and mobile systems, inter-system integrations and software products. ATR Soft’s mission is to provide software solutions that promote the business of companies. Our staff consists of solid professionals in software solutions.

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”ATR’s enthusiastic attitude is reflected in the projects we have done together – everything from theses to larger-scale development projects in the field of industry.”


Jussi Liikkanen, Leader of Education, Turku University of Applied Sciences

ATR Soft is a software development company that produces software to support the business of companies. Our head office is in Turku, Finland and we also operate in Tampere, Finland. There are resellers for our products in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

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