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We are a flexible and reliable partner in the field of software expertise. We cooperate with many different organisations. Our collaborative operating model guarantees the production of cutting-edge solutions that meet customer needs. Our expertise in many different sectors enables close cooperation and high-quality services for our customers and end users.

Cooperation with suppliers of technology and services has strengthened ATR Soft’s expertise in technology and service production. We also cooperate with research institutes and institutes of higher education. Thanks to this, we are always one step ahead in sniffing out trends, visions and new opportunities. We have resellers that are making our software products known all around the world. Cooperation promotes business throughout the network.


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Thoughts on cooperation

The enthusiastic attitude that ATR Soft has also affects projects that we have done together, from theses to large-scale development projects with local industry.”

Jussi Liikkanen, Research Leader, Turku AMK

”Together with ATR Soft, we have driven development projects using service design thinking – a customer-centred approach to planning and designing services. Our aim is to develop better services and improve our customers’ business by understanding the end-user, combining competence and creating innovations. As a partner, ATR Soft is unique in terms of its long experience and wisdom in IT and its openness and transparency in business. In collaboration, we share the same value base, whih makes it very easy to work together.”

Annaliisa Salmelin, Service Designer, A45

”Everyone who works with them speaks highly of their unique skills and capabilities, their excellent solutions and services for business.”

Neil Thomas, Senior Technical Account Manager, SOLIDWORKS

”As a contractor, ATR Soft Ltd has delivered solid software engineering services. They have proven themselves to have an in-depth knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and PDM.”

Kenneth Hallberg, Vice President, PDM Products, SOLIDWORKS Nordic AB

ATR Soft is a software development company that produces software to support the business of companies. Our head office is in Turku, Finland and we also operate in Tampere, Finland. There are resellers for our products in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

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