City of Turku

City of Turku

Customer case: The City of Turku

The city of Turku is one of ATR Soft’s clients. ATR renews and maintains the city’s IT systems. The vision of Turku is to meet the citizens’ needs better and to respond to the promises made to them.

New digital systems, as well as the possibilities in digital communication facilitate the development of a customer-oriented atmosphere. Furthermore, the environment enables the implementation of promises such as tolerance, cooperation and renewal.

ATR used an electronic form system and a core repository for technical solutions. In addition, ATR has developed an electronic transaction system to support customer services in technical areas. Furthermore, it has created a mobile-based service system for the city’s decision-makers. ATR Soft is also significantly involved in the design of the integration platform and museum system.

The technologies used in this project are, for example,  Java, C#/.Net, PHP, HTML, AngularJS, Spring Framework, jQuery, Solr, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Apache ServiceMix, Microsoft MDS and Apache Tomcat.

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